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We welcome contributions on new topics or responses to previous notes on an ongoing basis. For your note to be considered for the forthcoming batch of weekly publications, submit it to the editorial team no later than the close of Tuesday (midnight, GMT) each week to

What are ANow Notes?

Anow notes are short zeitgeisty pieces of no more than 333 words (omitting references and titles), published every Friday afternoon. They are based on observations and reflections about our contemporary culture that we think of as being ’of note’. Steeped in the academic tradition that recognizes thought as an ongoing discussion we see notes as bookmarks on things that can be developed into thought later on. These can be timely or untimely, but, adhering to the idea of where the agents of thought ’stand on the shoulders of giants’ are always presented with academic rigour as a standard. Notes are also always referenced in a scholarly fashion.