About ANow

ANow is a new intelligent media brand about: Ideas, Culture and Zeitgeist.

We conduct rigorous analysis through discussion and scholarship. Monthly filmed show; weekly ‘notes’.

ANow notes are short zeitgeisty pieces of no more than 333 words (omitting references and titles), published every Friday afternoon. They are based on observations and reflections about our contemporary culture that we think of as being ’of note’. Steeped in the academic tradition that recognizes thought as an ongoing discussion we see notes as bookmarks on things that can be developed into thought later on. These can be timely or untimely, but, adhering to the idea of where the agents of thought ’stand on the shoulders of giants’ are always presented with academic rigour as a standard. Notes are also always referenced in a scholarly fashion.

Profile and Seminar
We provide two types of audio and filmed shows -‘ANow Profile’ and ‘ANow Seminar’.

In ‘Profile’ we interview interesting intellectuals, whether they are recognized as such or not, celebrities or unknown reclusives, with a view to elicit what occupies them thinking-wise, rather than dwelling in that tedious thematic and anti-intellectual swampland that permeates much of contemporary media: the biographical…

The ‘ANow Seminar’ show emulates the academic seminar. The seminar is a key moment in developing ideas and thought within academic circles. However, very few take part of it. We try to break this pattern: we identify a pertinent topic and question; do research and prepare our answers – individually; and, once sufficiently and yet rigorously prepared, we film the first discussion we have on the topic – our first attempt at answering it. Something special happens when two or more people come together to discuss a specific topic. In ‘ANow Seminar’ we try to capture this special event and let our audience in to the inner sanctum of the ongoing generation of ideas.

ANow grew out of a recognition that contemporary media lacks a rigorous intellectual component, while academe (the social sciences and humanities in particular) is increasingly specialized and isolated; largely limited to publishing its findings in scientific journals. Although there has been a concerted effort in recent years for scholarly research and findings to be ‘applied’ and made more accessible through traditional publishing formats (namely short books and monographs written by academics for a wider audience), there is no such platform in the increasingly crowded and proliferating domain of new media.

In response to the largely insular world of academia and the intellectual dearth characterizing contemporary media, ANow sets out to be an original platform in both content and form. As a cultural and artistic initiative, ANow sets out to combine academic rigour with journalistic freedom to investigate topics and explore ideas that fall outside of academic disciplines and specialist conventions.

ANow takes the best from both worlds to develop an authentic original contribution to the new media landscape.

Key people involved in the project include Fred Weibull and Pete Watt